Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Zenia Khan

Zenia is Zeeshan's twin sister who loves to talk and is a complete chatterbox. She is Ragini's best friend and was the first one to know about her secret. She is a tomboy and is teased for that. She cannot decide whether she is Zenia "the cool dude" or Zenia "the cute girl". Ragini tells her that she is the "Cool cute dude girl". She is fed up of her twin brother Zee who is elder to her by 40 seconds but loves him. She is scared of getting pimples. Ragini and Zenia use the same words when they express their feelings. Zenia was the first person to know that Ragini was Sushmita Juneja's daughter and lives a luxurious life. Jango, the bully of the school is in love with her. She once hugged him when he helped her in finding Ritu's glitter pens! But otherwise, she doesn't seem to be interested in him at all. She saves Zee from Jango sometimes. She loves her brother but doesn't show it. There was an instance where she saved Zee from Jango and didn't tell him so that he didn't lose his confidence (he thought he forced Jango to his home work himself). Her best friends are Ragini, Ritu and Vir. She puts pictures of the Titlis on a dart board and throws darts on them. When Ragini brought her lucky charm and Zenia used it and the guy on whom she had crush spoke to her and she came third in the history test.Her starsign is Pisces.

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