Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ragini Juneja a.k.a. Rags

Ragini is the protagonist of the show. She is a pretty, intelligent, helpful, humble, sweet and a sensible fresher of Redfield Academy. She is the daughter of the famous actress, "Sushmita Juneja" and the tycoon "Ravi Juneja", who has a collection of over 30 vintage cars. She wants to make friends without the help of her Mom's popularity. She does make friends, but doesn't tell them about her mom because she wants people to like her for who she is.

She lies to the gang that her mom is a Kindergarten Teacher, about her designer clothes being stitched by a local tailor, about her bodyguard and about her singing skills. She is a trained classical singer but she lies to the gang and says that she is a complete non singer. She also poses as an arrogant Divya who applies loud make-up and can sing well . Later she reveals the truth to her friends who forgive her within a short while.

She is extremely helpful and always helps her friends in hard situations. She also boosts their confidence. At the beginning he Titlis wanted her to be in their group because of her sense of style. She has a bodyguard called Chotu. Her favourite word is 'crummy'and is recognized for using the word frequently. She also frequently uses the words 'Boo-boo', 'Coolio','Awesome Blossom', 'Thunder Blunder' and 'Godly God'. Once she had her birthday celebrated in a cruise ship. She constantly uses the line-'Oh Godly God what do I do now?'. She is best friends with Zenia since Zenia was first person in the gang to know that she was a superstar's daughter and remained cool over it. She was chosen as the mascot for a chicken restaraunt. Her starsign is Gemini.

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