Monday, July 13, 2009

The Titlis (The Butterflies)

The group of Kimmy, Lia and Ria are the daughters of rich and famous people. Kimmy rules the gang. Tia used to be in their group but has gone to London to study modern art. The Titli mania is always crazy and keep on yelling their heads out. They love Vir and bathe only with mineral water. Their clothes are from Paris and they have a bodyguard who carries their books. They wanted to add Ragini in their group because of her dressing sense. They call Zenia, Ritu, Vir and Zee and a group of losers. Kimmy's favorite phrase is "Oh really, really?". The Titli group always uses the phrase "How down-market!" for almost every single thing and especially if it's towards Ragini's group. The Titli group is inspired by Ashley Michelle Tisdale aka Sharpay of HSM.

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