Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vir Mehra

Vir loves music. He is the cool cute dude of Redfield Academy who is the college heartthrob amongst the girls. He has the qualities of a rockstar. He treasures his guitar the most and is also crazy about video games. The Titlis, mostly Kimmy have a crush on him, but he finds them very annoying. He is in the Science stream and hates Dramatics. His parents are doctors and want to make him a doctor too, but he faints at the sight of blood and that's why he hates the diassection practicals of the Biology class. He has a good voice and once sang with Ragini at the Freshers Party. He writes his own lyrics. He is great friends with Ragini and Zenia. Zeeshan is his best friend who calls him 'Chuddy Buddy'. He likes Ragini's voice and thinks Ragini sings very well. He admires her talent and had a crush on Divya when he didn't know that Ragini is Divya. He has an aunt named Anita, who is in the Indian Army. He is the President of the Music club at the college. His star sign is Aquarius.

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