Tuesday, July 14, 2009

About the show

Ragini Juneja aka Rags is a teenaged girl and the daughter of the Bollywood Megastar,"Sushmita Juneja". At her new college,"Redfield Academy"; where she is taking a junior college art course , she meets Zenia Khan, Zeeshan Khan , Vir Mehra and Ritu Shah; a gang of inseparable childhood friends. She doesn't want anyone to know that she is an actress's daughter. She lies about her mom being a superstar and says that her mom is a Kindergarten Teacher. She lies that she can't sing although she is a trained classical singer because she and Vir were coming closer as they both loved rock music and were singers which upset Ritu very much as she was possesive about Vir and didn't like it if he talked to any other girl. Ragini shops only in Paris and wears only designer clothes of the brand,"La Femme", but when the Titlis recognized the La Femme dress and asked her to join their gang, she said that they weren't La femme clothes but were stitched by a tailor called Himesh(who is imaginary) who gives 30% discount on stitching cotton clothes on Sundays. Ragini also lies about her bodyguard Mr.Chotu and says that he is her dad's driver. Later, the gang comes to know about all her secrets. They are shocked for sometime and think that they can't trust her but realise afterwards that Ragini was a true friend they couldn't afford to lose. They still treat her like any 'normal' friend. Now the story focuses on the Titlis trying hard to find out Ragini's secrets.

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