Monday, July 13, 2009

Sushmita Juneja

Sushmita Juneja is Ragini's mom. She is an extremely rich, fashionable and famous Bollywood actress. She is also a model and a producer. She is very talented. She is a lady living a luxurious life. She is self obsessed and beauty conscious although she loves Ragini more than herself. She seems like a snob, but she is quite sweet and humble. She addresses her daughter using different words like pumpkin, strawberry, apple-pie, cherry-pie, plum cake, kishmish, choco-pie, cheesecake, munchkins, butterscotch, black current, berry, my love, honeybunch etc. She is married to Ravi Juneja. In one episode, she comes especially to meet Ragini in an unique ghost get-up of her upcoming horror movie, scaring Ragini and her friends and finally ends up in the girl's bathroom. She has a very weak hindi and gets her dialogues dubbed by a dubbing artist. Mandal sir, Zenia, Ritu, Vir and Zee are her big fans but Ms.D'souza doesn't like her

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