Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ritu Shah

Ritu is a big "rondu"(Hindi for crybaby). She is famous as the school crybaby and everybody closes his/her ears when she starts crying. Her friends call her BBB (Bin Baadal Barsaat, meaning rain without clouds) and "Barkha Rani". She comes from a huge joint Gujarati family and is very possessive of her things. She loves to sing. She also likes Hindi lectures and is Mandal sir's favourite student. She is very sweet and forgiving. She is often teased by the Titlis, and starts crying because of that. Zenia is her best friend. She likes Ragini too but becomes jealous of her sweet voice and when she became Mandal sir's favourite because of scoring the highest marks in the hindi test. She is in love with Vir and hates Zee's silly rhymes. She is the Treasurer of the Music Club. It is very difficult for her to say no. She is doesn't like her cousin sister Guddi. She is very responsible in money matters, and cries even if she loses 1 rupee!Her starsign is Virgo.

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